Submitted by Tammy Cook Tue, 12/08/2015 - 11:21

Welcome to Aviation NETworX!!Thanks for taking the time to check out the new Aviation NETworX platform – almost 5 years in the making. Limited are the days of the classified job ads and posting resumes. A whole new way of thinking so to keep you working, when and where you wish. In addition to continuous work options, networking with industry friends and associates, you will also be able to build a second income, advance your skills or grow into another field like business development – if that’s what you desire. This site will ramp-up over the next year and continue to grow from there with portals open to all segments of the industry where you can find work as you always have through the postings page or the industry will find you and your skills. Our galleries and tool classifieds pages will return along with other opportunities like an AOG program and an Innovations submission page. For starters; as we launch the new Aviation NETWorX website the main elements in supporting your employment and income include: the virtual office, for you: to keep your resume updated, handy and in a standard format; to keep all your scanned certs for easy access, so you can react to job posts more quickly; to refer techs and earn cash for your good judgement and then building your monthly Royalties; there is also an alert system that you can choose to select if you wish to receive notifications of jobs for yourself or for your contacts, building your network for cash; Take your time, start your profile/resume and read through for the details and keep checking back as we grow the site.
Thanks for stopping by! Founder and COO, Jay Logie